self assessment tax returns

Does the thought of completing your tax return bring you out in a cold sweat? Are you worried you’re overpaying tax because you don’t know how to make use of HMRC’s various allowances? If so perhaps you should consider outsourcing it.

We’ll prepare your tax return using your up to date accounting records and send it to you with your tax calculation for review before we submit it online to HMRC.

We will advise you on how much tax to pay and when to ensure you don’t miss a deadline. 

Directors Tax Returns

If you're a director of a company you'll need to submit a tax return.

Sole Traders

You will need to declare your gross income plus details of your business expenses and any CIS deductions if applicable.


You may be on PAYE but receive income from shares or property for example. This will need to be declared via a self assessment tax return.